Success Stories: Kanchanben Parmar

I am Kanchanben Bharatbhai Parmar. I am living in Behrampura area of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I am a member of SEWA. I am doing stitching work along with house hold work. I have 2 children and my husband is working as a labor. There is no fix income for my family as both my husband and I getting income when we work. Sometimes It is very difficult for us to look after our family We always struggle to run the family and education to our children.

I was invited by SEWA to get training in Food processing and Bakery product. I learned so many products during the training. Along with production I also got training on how to run our own enterprise including planning, implementing, costing & pricing, sales and marketing etc. Also Ware house management, distribution, stock maintaining which will be useful for me to grow my business.

Before the training through stitching work I was earning Rs. 2000/- per month averagely and it was uncertain income. However, after the training now I am producing and selling with my own investment and earning Rs.5000/- per month. I also learned to market my products, costing and pricing etc. I am capable enough to approach my customers from neighbors, relatives they are supporting me by giving orders on regular basis. This is the initial stage for me after the training. However, I am selling Rs. 40000/- to Rs.45000/- per month. Due to additional income and getting regulars I purchased my own equipment for the business. I got a loan from SEWA bank for purchasing the equipment. I have confident that I can make even more profit from the business.

SEWA is also inviting me as a faculty to train other trainees and getting Rs.1000/- per day per visit. They are calling me as and when the training takes place. It is not just income for me but also it’s recognition for me as people do not know me before, now they know me by my name and they call me master trainer, it feels good. Also our neighbors also recognize me now very well. This gives me strength and motivates me. I feel proud of myself that I can make more income through this small business.

Now I am interested in taking advanced training in the same sector, so that I can grow my business. This is a turning point in my life which I did not expect will ever happen to me.

My ambitions are to provide quality education to my children. I want to teach more women to get income for my family and also to provide employment to other women like me.