Success Stories: Tulsiben Rawat

Name: Tulsiben Rawat
Age: 29
Marital Status: Separated

Tulsiben age 29 lives with her parents in Mathura, her father was farmer and mother a housewife. She has 4 siblings, 3 brother and 1 sister she is the youngest in her siblings. She has studied BA in Sociology. When she was 21 years old she got married but she was never accepted or welcomed in the family, she was being treated as servant in the family, she was doing all the household work, nobody was treating her well in the family, every now and then they were asking for dowry, sometimes in the form of mobile phones for the entire family members, sometimes plot or car for the family. Her father was arranging everything keeping all their family desires unfulfilled, but still she was never given that love, affection and respect a daughter in law should get, she was emotionally broken down, looking her condition her family decided to bring her back, at present she is living at her parent’s house.

Her brother who is working with HT Foundation support her and because of him she came in SEWA to attend this training as he wanted her to deviate her mind as she was very low and frustrated by this, he sent her here with the idea that she would get relieved from the problems back home if she would visit new place, meet new people and can be free and independent.
In her words “In this training I got to learn many new aspects related to food processing. With the help of this training I got to learn about how to prepare food product, its packaging, costing, marketing etc. I am glad that I got an opportunity to attend this training, this for the 3rd time I have visited SEWA. My first visit was exposure visit to SEWA and other two are for training purpose, it is because of SEWA only I got chance to travel in flight and was staying in Hotel and I would like to produce products and sell it when I go back to Mathura. Now I have become confident and I can stay alone and adjust to all kind of situations. I am very happy that I attended this training and I thank SEWA and HT FOOUNDATION form the bottom of my heart to train me and my fellow women companions to become confident, brave and independent enough that we can produce our products back in Mathura or get employed and earn salary which will help in running our family and we will stand at our own feet.”