• Exposure Visit: The purpose of organizing exposure visit is to give people a clear idea on how SGMH is working for their sisters and their involvement in different activities. Through exposure visit we introduce the teams to various departments, federations and associations of SEWA to explain the activities performed by the members of SEWA. Also to help them to understand how we work in a group, how to start our own businesses and how to upscale current enterprises and make our businesses sustainable, how we are using technologies how we implementing new ideas and thoughts for the sustainability of livelihood of the group members and strengthen the federations.
    • Training: SGMH offers a host of structured vocational training to empower rural women.
      – Food Processing, Bakery and Horticulture
      – Garments, Embroidery, Weaving & Stitching
      – Jewelry and Gems – Design and Manufacturing
    • Managerial Training: These Training include necessary specific needs training and workshops on multifarious categories of Time Management, Business Plan, Use of Social media, Financial Planning and more.
    • Loan facilities: SGMH offers seed fund (loans) to associations that have been trained by them for the newly setup businesses. Such loans serve as good sources of low cost capital to start cooperative ventures.
    •  Market Linkages: SEWA & SGMH have always prioritized on saving women producers from middle men. Such a step is necessary considering the already low margins on most products.

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