The Impact We Made

  • 150 Master trainer and 2500 Grass root trainees were trained from North east.
  • 400 Master Trainer and 3000 Grass root trainees has been trained in Afghanistan
  • 60 Master Trainer around 2000 Grass root trainees were trained in war affected Srilanka.
  • Our sisters are now earning an average of Rs 12000 per month.
  • Provided financial services to more than 2000 of small producer groups
  • 225 Rural women trained from UP, Assam, Nepal , Leh- Ladakh, HP, Rajasthan, Bhutan and Maldives.
  • 15 functional Agro and Food processing set up
  • Rs 20000 worth sold on Amazon Saheli by widowers
  • Over 4000 Self Reliant & Successful Rural women Micro entrepreneurs in Afghanistan, Bihar, HP, Join Vocational training to empower rural woman at Gramhaat.


With this background and a wish to bridge sister to sister connection for development, SGMH, take-up work for Afghan, Sri Lankan and Myanmar sisters. Now, SGMH has been working in South Asia, for almost 9 years. The work started on the call of war affected widows and women of Afghanistan and Sri Lanka who were in trauma with no hope of survival. Children’s future was the only optimistic point and areas of concern for women from where SGMH ignited their hope and self-confidence and then on, the journey begun where the women formed their own organisations in those countries with a trade and service delivery to grassroots sisters for developing local economy, peace and prosperity at household level. In these war torn countries, SGMH has organised 3600+ war affected women and promoted their trades and household income. The trained sisters formed and registered their own organisation called Baagay Khazana SABAH Association. The Association helps their members in getting work and income security by promoting their enterprises, by placement programmes and providing trade and facilitation support. Now SGMH is working with war affected women to strengthen their journey of hope in 4 provinces.

Sri Lanka

SGMH started the sister to sister work in Sri Lanka by understanding their challenges and considering their needs from 2010. The socio, political and cultural environment in Sri Lanka was different from that of Afghanistan, but the soul, heart and concerns of sisters are same anywhere. SGMH started developing bonding and work on similar lines of capacity building together with inculcating the Gandhian principles by developing a cadre of 40 Sri Lankan master trainers and now five Community Learning and trade Facilitation Centres have been set up in war affected rural and urban areas which has reached to 1700 sisters for skill, enterprise development and management training.  Further they have now formed the first ever cooperative society in history of Sri Lanka for war affected grassroots women, registered at Provincial level namely Women’s Self Employed Development Cooperative society (WSDCS).